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• The art includes step-by-step instructions for more than a dozen different bitless bridles, halters and other hand-made tack, plus discussion on the art of training a horse to go bitless.

• The science covers the current controversy and medical findings regarding bitless bridles.

Create a variety of reliable, custom fit bitless bridles in the colors you choose.  

With or without hardware, from simple to ornate, learn to make:

• popular cross-jaws

• classic bosals, bosalitos, bosaleas and hackaleas

• neck loops, climbing aids and collars

• secure Indian hackamores

• simple chin-slips

• basic halters

minimalist grooming halters

• lunge cavessons with six rings

decorated show halters

reins, cross-ties and more

   Sizing tables fit all sizes of horses, from miniatures to draft breeds.

BITLESS BRIDLES explains the art and science of bitless riding.

“…the bitless bridle is a gift to the horses.” From the foreword by Dr. Robert M. Miller, founder of Imprint Training

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